Monday, 8 October 2012

September 2012

Ryan is now 10 Months old - the time has really gone by so fast - he continues to enjoy being on the run.  The Autumn season is now upon us with much cooler temperatures and less daylight.   Ryan continues his development in moving about - with a lot of cruising and walking with his walker - we are waiting for him to venture off unassisted.   Ryan has also now started talking weekly music classes with Shima a chance for some organized activity with other babies in the area.  Hope you enjoy the shots below.   

Ryan visiting Aunty Dewi before heading to the back to Seoul.

Ryan at the airport with Grandma and Grandpa - it was great to spend two weeks back in KL and can't wait for them to visit Seoul in October and November.

The look of a Weary Traveler - a nice big Yawn!

Ryan in the Playground Fort.

Ryan Test Driving a new Car - Heah Mom and Dad - you know my Birthday is coming up in November right?  

The weather is a changing - Ryan getting bundled up for his daily walks. 

 Ryan has no fear - as I guess most babies don't - he loves going down the slide.  Of course Mommy is there to supervise the activity!

You put your left foot out and you shake all about - you do the hokie pokie!

What did Mommy buy - some new Uggs - getting ready for the winter ahead!

Ryan in his tricked out Full on Cold Rainy Weather Gear on the Buggy - (there are breathing holes on the side)

Ryan doing his best Spiderman impersonation. 

 Ryan enjoying his lunch with a Food Pouch - he fell in love with these food pouches when visiting his cousin Hank in DC.  

We joined the Aquarium in Co-Ex and now can visit as much as we want for the next 12 months.  Ryan did enjoy a lot of the sights and expect we will spend a lot of time there this winter - I know Daddy can't wait to go back as there is a nice Mexican Restaurant nearby.

Ryan wanted to go back to see the Fish again already.

Ryan attending is Mommy and Baby Music Class.  

Ryan cruising around the playground. 

Ryan with his new favorite toy - his walker.  The video above shows how much more mobile he is now.

Ryan vs Carrot - who will win?

A return on our investment already - Ryan playing the Xylophone - his homework from the music class.  The Korean Education system is no joke - gotta start early!

Heah - How you doing?  Check-out my threads as I cruise the playground!

Ryan's 2012 Fall Collection. 

I got the Baby Buggy Blues!  

 Back at class - playing with Balloons -not sure the connection to music class but he enjoyed them anyway. 

For Ryan - Chairs are for climbing not sitting - notice the thick rug below him now - a little added protection against falls.   He is a climbing machine - the coffee table is now his personal stage.

Ryan rocking the Fedora - part of his Music Culture Image!

Ryan learning to keep the walker on the path - he loves to transport various items in the front compartment - some favorites include a sock, some Cheerios, and a few blocks. 

Ryan and his morning Yoga Stretching - likes to look at us from between his legs. 

Ryan double fisted on the spoons - likes to eat Mommy's home cooking!

Ryan now wearing his Rugby Jersey - looking back at the March Blog update - this shirt was like a blanket for him.   He can't wait to play a few matches with the Dingoes and his Uncle Kregg. 

Ryan wearing some of his Fall collection - the weather is brisk but he still loves his walks.

A nice family outing in downtown Seoul along the river walk.   Ryan enjoying a warm bottle and was soon sleeping on the walk home. 

Ryan Scooby or maybe Scrappy Doo!

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